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Kleine Brogel hosts 36 F-16 planes of the 10th Wing. These are divided between the 31st 'Tiger' squadron, specialised in air-ground combat (in other words: bombardements) with 18 planes, and the 349th squadron specialised in air-air combat. The base has 1700 military personnel, of which 90 pilots.


SATCOM Gooik-Kester

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SATCOM Gooik-KesterSATCOM Gooik-KesterIn the past NATO had a whole range of SATCOM installations, but the technological evolution makes most of them obsolete. The SATCOM installation in Gooik-Kester will be one of the two remaining (the other is in Verona, Italy). The installation is manned by a small amount of US military.

This installation controlled as well a communication line with microwave stations, which is also becoming obsolete (posts in Westrozebeke, Ben Ahin, Spa-Malchamp).


Chièvres NATO airforce base

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Chièvres Air Base (ICAO: EBCV) is a United States Air Force airfield located in the Belgian town of Chièvres and about 12 miles from Headquarters, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), in Casteau. It is mainly used to provide logistic support to NATO and SHAPE. The station and support facilities are operated by the United States Army Garrison Benelux.



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Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) near Mons, Belgium is the Headquarters of Allied Command Operations (ACO), one of NATO's two strategic military commands. It performs the operational duties previously undertaken by Allied Command Europe and Allied Command Atlantic. The latter has now become Allied Command Transformation (ACT) headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia.

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